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We handle a wide range of business disputes including:

Deals That Go Bad
We handle litigation involving deals that go bad. We represent parties in disputes over corporate acquisitions, asset sales and related transactions. These cases concern alleged misrepresentations about financial condition, disputes about the value of assets, breach of contract, and fraud. Our clients are in many industries, including health care, manufacturing, and communications, among others. We represent large companies as well as small and medium-sized businesses.

Executive and Employee Departure Issues
We represent parties in executive and employee departure disputes. These cases concern claims of discrimination, covenants not to compete, trade secrets, bonuses, commissions, and capital accounts. We represent employers and employees in claims of discrimination based on age, disability, gender, and on other grounds. We also conduct third-party investigations of these claims and have experience in wage and hour disputes.

Intellectual Property Litigation
We have represented numerous clients in patent, trademark and copyright infringement litigation. Patent cases have included methods (differential phase shift keying, database software methods, business methods), devices (cell phones, biopsy needles, hemodialysis catheters, newspaper inserting machines, automotive parts), and products (nutritional medical products). Our intellectual property clients have included national food chains, worldwide internet companies, defense contractors, media companies, pharmaceutical companies, cellular phone companies, and a printing press manufacturer, among others. Ken has taught Mass Media Law, including copyright issues, at DePaul College of Law since 1992. Todd has taught at John Marshall Law School since the mid-1990s, courses including Technology in the Practice of Law and Internet Law.

We are experienced in a wide range of substantive litigation, procedures and forums. We handle emergency injunctions, Markman hearings, and class actions. We have represented clients in court-conducted and private mediations, arbitrations, bench trials, and jury trials. We have litigated across the the country and across the world.